Monday, April 20, 2009

(Make sure you change the video to High QUALITY!)

Dear world,

So on thursday my dear Mom tried to cheer me up by buying me tickets to the Britney Spears concert. To be honest, I think she used that as an excuse so she could tag along and pretend to be young. Ahh yes, the joys of the midlife crisis. But hey, I'm not complaining she bought 7 tickets, 3 for her friends and herself and the rest for me and my friends. Thanks mom, thanks for letting me see you and your friends get drunk and dance. We had V.I.P seating, so we were away from the crowds, and had our own booths. It's a good thing that she got us a booth too because people were either being trampled by crazy brit fans, or getting guy on guy lap dances. Yea, that would've been awkward if I was with my mom and some dude was getting a lap dance next to me. But that's besides the point. I'm not really a big fan of Britney, but her concert was a spectacle. Super intense, from the lighting, the carnies, to her wardrobe. That video that was playing above this, was soo hot. I would definitely go straight for her. Below is the her grand entrance. Make sure you change the videos to high quality.Watch it! Or you'll be out of the loop! Or should I say Circus?

and there's more

peace and love,

p.s I really can careless if she is lip syncing, in the end she is entertaining, thats what I came there for. And, if you want to exchange links please email me at


Davey said...

If she bought you Britney tickets, she must know something is up.

Moms just know.


Haha I agree. And you are so lucky! I so wanted to go, but alas, I lack the funds to go to a concert of this caliber with my broke college student ass.

Anonymous Blogger said...

So I think my mom has an idea, for sure she has an idea. And I do agree Mom just know. but I don't think she was hinting at anything by buying me britney spears tickets. Its just something she does, we went to the Justin Timberlake concert 4 times.......idk why. My mom tries to be young I guess.

She doesn't even know of the Britney Spears stereotype. and I don't even really like britney, but her concert did blow me away. lol

A Poor Student said...

hah, did any one see/hear about the concert where she slipped out of her costume?

Anonymous said...

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