Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movies I need to see

Dear World,

One of my favorite things to do is to get to the movies 20 mins in advanced to catch the previews. I LOVE previews, they give you something to look forward to. If it were up to me, I would be a preview producer. Is that even a job? But here are the movies I need and want to see, hope you guys enjoy. Don't forget to pause the song on the right hand side!


Avatar is the first movie James Cameron has directed every since Titanic.

2012, Looks really stupid but I'm really into apocalyptic movies like "The Day After Tomorrow." I just love seeing human peril.

New Moon
Despite "Twilight" being a total let down, the previews always get to me. I'm not even into the books or the hype, it just looks like a pretty decent vampire movie. Why do I always waste 9 bucks at these things?? I just really like Dakota Fanning.

Alice In Wonderland
I love anything Alice and Wonderland, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen? Hell yes.

Heck, Oprah endorses it so I have to see it. Just kidding, it just looks really inspirational.

Moves that are Already Out, and I Still Haven't Seen:

Saw 6 [warning graphic]
There really is nothing to say about this preview. I haven't seen it because I'm too scared to, I've seen all the other Saw films in theaters but I honestly don't know if I can stomach it. It's too stressful and I don't want to stress myself out anymore then I have to.

Where the Wild Things Are
The song in this preview is amazing, and its called "Wake up" by the Arcade Fire. You're welcome.

100 Days of Summer
I just want to see it

Star Trek

I'm waiting for this shit to come out on DVD so I can buy and stare at Chris Pine. I also heard the movie was good so that's a plus.

All I'm thinking of is how expensive it's going to be to watch these movies.


p.s Looking at the movies I've listed above, it seems like I'm a big sci fi junkie.


Aek said...

There are some good movies on that list. I really liked Star Trek, and Where the Wild Things Grow was a good movie too. I'm excited for some of them to come out. :-)

Anonymous said...

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jonathan said...

Can't get the vids to play. Just shows an empty box. Which program?

David said...

lol at the viagra comment above.

500 days of summer was good, as was star trek. also wanna watch where the wild things are, alice in wonderland, and 2012.

scifi nerd :P