Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Update: R.I.P Mocha

Dear World,

So I've been gone for quite sometime now. But before I start, just a moment of discretion, I am so sleepy right now. I just made a bunch of flash cards for a midterm, so I am making an honest attempt at sounding coherent. Anyways, a lot has happened since I've been gone, with Nick and everything. I'd like to start of with this.

Couple of weeks after I stopped blogging I totaled my BMW 5 series. (Karma maybe? For leaving you guys hanging? Whatever makes you feel better). It was pretty bad, but I walked out with just a few scratches. You probably all wondering if it was my fault, but this is where it gets complicated. Too put it simply, I was avoiding someone else, which in turn caused me to hit someone else. But the fucker, excuse my language, who I avoided drove away from the accident! Might I add without a scratch on his car, thanks to me. Also note, this accident took place like at 2 am, so there was no one around.

The fucker, came out from the side. He/she had no stop light, just a stop sign. So he/she has to yield to traffic. Apparently he didn't see me, and if he did, I guess he wanted to kill himself. So he just went storming out from the side, right into my path.

But anyways, in my attempt of swerving out of the way, I ended up on the other side of the rode. My swerving out of the way, ultimately saved the fucker's ass but caused me to loose control and run head on into incoming traffic, or is it oncoming? Well you know what I mean. And according to the law books, this would mean it was my fault. Which means very little compensation for my car. You see, I didn't think this, everything I was doing was just instinct. I still remember exactly what happened, it was like it happened in slowmo. I remember seeing the beam of my headlight trace the fencing on the opposite side of the rode, and when my car straightened out I saw the headlight of the incoming car. And boom, my air bag explodes in my face. The next thing you know, BMW calls me. It's like on-star, but for a BMW. "Our computer tells us that you've been involved in a frontal collision, help is on your way." Thank god for that because there was no one on the rode. So that was that, my BMW is gone. R.I.P Mocha (my car's name). But luckily everyone was okay. And I guess the politically correct thing to say is that human life is all that matters, but hell I miss my car! My parents never replaced it, so now I drive a toyota highlander. Woot.

I hope that makes sense. Describing a car accident is really difficult.



Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Thank heaven for having the good fortune to have had an accident in a BMW. My first car was an old Fiat - I didnt dare slam the doors, in case something else fell off - and when I hit a VW camper van, my car fell to bits like one of those clown cars at the circus!

I doubt yours had anything to do with karma though! Glad you weren't hurt! =]

Mister S said...

If you have money to pay for a BMW 5 series, you can afford to pay for the insurance :)

Anonymous Blogger said...

doomed but cheerful- a VW camper van, thats funny. I've never even heard of a fiat before, but glad to know you are okay too.

Mister S- See, I do have insurance, but my parents didn't want to use the insurance money to get me another car. My parents have been more cautious with money lately, with the economy and stuff.

Aek said...

That really sucks! :(

As you said, at least no one was harmed. AND at least your parents let you drive a car at all (though, I don't think anyone could really blame you for doing what you did).

Rod said...

Glad your okay, and I would be devastated if by BMW got destroyed. Well not that I have one or anything, lol.

dickophile said...

at least youre okay! doesnt sound like karma tho. we're not that cruel :)

Steevo said... OK u have mentioned being from SoCal in several comments.

Can you at least name the county? Orange? LA? Riverside? Ewwwww. [for Just Me James!]
San Bernabimbo? LOL --inside joke--

They r all so huge--- some bigger than some states...

There r quite a few of "us" down there:
others i cant think of...
you could all have a rummage sale and ship an iceberg to Mboy or some coal to AEK & Zee...

Sorry about Mocha... give the new prez a few weeks and all will be well. NOW!

But I don't care. It is sooooo nice to hear the newspeople refer to President Obama.

steevo in (N) cali

Volker said...

Its "oncoming" but regardless, glad you're okay. A car can be replaced but a human life is different!

Anonymous Blogger said...

Hey steevo,

I'm in the orange county area, about 30mins away from the beach. haha.

Steevo said...

AB: shoulda known, 'nother dang OC brat!


dit said...

WOW! Glad you and all others are ok. Sorry you miss your car. Welcome back . . . .

David said...

aww poor mocha! glad you're alive though!